• Size: 250 x 120 cm
  • Technique: ceramics, sound
  • Year: 2016

With love to 109 pots that *ping* when the glaze crackles as the clay and glaze fit a little bit less.

The work ‘Would you tell me’ is live. After the constellation of pots leaves the kiln the clay bodies and their glaze struggle to fit during a temperature shock. Small hairline cracks appear in the glaze, while at the same time each crack produces a fragile sound, amplified by the shape of each form. A proces that goes on for days.

The work ‘Would you tell me’ was performed at EKWC (European Ceramic Workcentre) on June 26 and September 26 in 2016, during the opening of the institution’s new location.

The work later travelled to Korea where it won the silver prize at GICB (Korean International Ceramic Biennale) and stays in the collection of the Korea Ceramic Foundation. 

Very special thanks to Katrin König who brought all shapes to life!